As finance teams begin to plan for 2021, they're focused on leveraging technology to help their business come out stronger in the year ahead. Three out of four finance execs have already implemented new tech in the wake of the pandemic, and 84% believe emerging innovations like automation would help them work even more efficiently.

Quentin Hardy, Head of Editorial for Google Cloud and former Deputy Technology Editor for the New York Times, has seen first-hand the impact technology can have on the way businesses rebuild and get back on track post-crisis.

Join Quentin and AvidXchange CFO Joel Wilhite to discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted the way we think about and rely on technology.
  • Why the use case for automation in the way we do business has shifted.
  • And, the right way to integrate financial technology software into your business plan to promote growth and sustainability in 2021.

Now we see it anew: The technology that matters is the technology that serves a great human need. Digital transformation is about more than just business speed and growth. It’s an important instrument of connection and a facilitator of the ways we come together to solve massive, complex problems, both as businesses and as communities.

-Quentin Hardy