Additional Terms & Conditions

QUALIFIED REFERRALS: A Qualified Referral must meet the following criteria:
a. Be a duly authorized business in the United States (excluding certain types of business, e.g., marijuana, adult entertainment, gambling, or businesses that do not pass a preliminary compliance screening); and

b. At the time you submit your referral request, the business is not (i) using AvidXchange services; (ii) under a contract for AvidXchange services by AvidXchange or any partner of AvidXchange; (iii) already a prospect for AvidXchange Services through direct or indirect sales channels; (iv) a competitor to AvidXchange; or (v) a business that AvidXchange declines to pursue for other business suitability reasons (e.g., sufficient integration not available, inappropriate transaction volume or vertical).

INCLUDED SERVICES: AvidPay Network Service, AvidXchange Invoice Service, AvidXchange Strongroom, AvidXchange Utility, AvidXchange for NetSuite and Create-A-Check® Software

FINDER’S FEE AMOUNT: The chart below shows the applicable finder’s fee payable for Included Services subject to the terms of the AvidXchange Finder’s Fee Program. You are solely responsible for reporting and paying all applicable taxes due and owing with respect to any finder’s fee you receive from AvidXchange. No finder’s fee is payable when a Qualified Referral does not execute a contract for Included Services with a minimum 12-month term within its Referral Period. Referral fees are payable within 30 days following final execution of the contract between the Qualified Referral and AvidXchange.

Contracted Monthly Payment Transactions Applicable Finder's Fee 

AvidPay Service AvidXchange Invoice Service or AvidXchange Strongroom, AvidXchange Utility, AvidXchange for NetSuite or Create-A-Check Software
Less than 500 $1,000 $500
501-1,000 $2,000 $1,000
Over 1,000 $4,000 $2,000

PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Finder’s Fee Program is subject to cancellation or change at any time in AvidXchange’s sole discretion with or without notice, so please review the most recent version of the Finder’s Fee Program each time you submit a referral. Any such cancellation or changes will not affect Qualified Referrals previously accepted by AvidXchange that are still in the 6-month Referral Period.